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Born a California girl, Kristy Kay was destined to become pop royalty from day one. In addition to natural beauty, she lived in a house with dedicated educators where she grasped the importance of commitment and a solid work ethic at an early age.

With perseverance and determination, Kristy eventually grew to be a role model for girls of all ages and although her story dispels the popular myth that dreams come true simply by wishing them, this American Princess is evidence that although the keys to the kingdom are rarely granted without effort, they can be earned.

With a PHd in Sociology, her father teaches and plays classical guitar and her mother is a Music Minister/Director at the church that served as the initial platform that launched Kristy as a singer.

Although both Kristy’s parents and grandparents were all gifted musicians with distinctive voices, when Kristy eagerly and confidently jumped on stage as a little girl, everyone was astounded to witness how effortlessly she captivated and entertained audiences of all sizes. It was then that Kristy began competing in talent shows, singing at fund raisers and taking every opportunity to capitalize on the gift she had received at birth: her voice.

Like all fairy tale lives, there were obstacles to overcome and like most children when Kristy learned of her parents divorce she was heart broken. But like most artists, the disintegration of her storybook family and the financial struggles they endured only fueled her spirit and creativity. And she began to write stories about the world that crumbled around her.

Around the time of Kristy’s high school graduation, several jingle producers who were impressed by her vocal abilities discovered her. She was then asked to lend her skills to some of the world’s most prominent brands. Kristy sang jingles for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Barbie, Bratz, and Target–to name a few.

While she was becoming a vocal phenomenon in the commercial world, Kristy was hired to bring her unique voice to the Kidzbop Kidz CD series, which is arguably the most powerful kids music brand in existence. During this time, she also performed alongside music royalty like James Brown, The Jackson Five and 3 Doors Down for an American Idol Videogame. Yes, a full-blown fairy tale in the making.

Kristy’s rapid rise resulted in a Universal Records contract for her first hit single “Who’s That Loving You Now” and it seemed like she was about to place the ‘crown’ upon her head—until reality intercepted. Kristy learned quickly that a record deal does not equate to success in the music business nor does it always pay the bills. As rapidly as the momentum began, it abruptly ended. Kristy was broke and disillusioned.

Undaunted by adversity, Kristy decided to expand her education in life and music and headed for Nashville. And it was there she met with her life’s greatest teacher: humility.

When Kristy arrived in Nashville she had three things that sustained her: Her voice, her songs and her will to survive. After working numerous odd jobs, wearing second hand clothes and collecting discarded furniture, she was hired by a temp agency that enabled her to work as a receptionist at several top record companies. But instead of using these corporate jobs to climb the music ladder, Kristy exercised patience and learned some essential skills that have served her well as an artist and eventually as a successful businesswoman.

By listening and watching others, Kristy learned through the successes and mistakes of other artists. She witnessed how some performers kept a distance between themselves and their music and how often even highly talented artists could make records devoid of passion.

It was during this time that Kristy began to write her most personal and powerful songs about her own life experiences. What emerged was a full-length CD that was written and produced literally through her own sweat and tears. Her first single from the album is what everyone from Nashville to LA is talking about and it is aptly named “American Princess”.

As Kristy prepares for the release of her single, she spends the majority of her free time raising awareness for the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation. Having done 15 shows in 15 days during 2009 to raise money and awareness for the charity, Kristy believes that if you aren’t prepared to give your gift away, then perhaps you don’t deserve to keep it. It is for this reason that a percentage of sales from her first single, “American Princess” will be given to the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation.

As Kristy shares her music and personality to inspire change, she is quick to remind young girls in search of Prince charming and a story book finish that often times what looks like ‘happily ever after”, upon closer examination, is really just another beginning in disguise.

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